Three Reasons Why Keel and Curley Winery is the Best Winery in Florida

When you’re looking for a nice day trip or a quick romantic getaway, visiting a quaint winery in a small down might just be your perfect dose of relaxation and southern charm.

At Keel and Curley Winery, we have created an atmosphere of simple relaxation. Over the years, we have had several wine and travel experts come through the doors of our Florida winery and spend the day either in our tasting room or reclined on our beautiful wooden deck overlooking our blueberry crops. Every person who has included us in his or her review of wineries in Florida has said something to this effect: charming, delicious wine, great atmosphere, definitely recommended.

We love hearing those reviews. Keel and Curley was founded on the principle of helping people enjoy the fresh, delicious fruit of Florida in the form of irresistible wine. Our charm extends beyond our crisp fruit wine. The entire ambiance of our winery leaves our visitors feeling relaxed and refreshed.

We might be partial to our Florida winery, but here are three reasons why we think that Keel and Curley winery is the best winery in the state of Florida:

  1. We have the largest selection of wine in Florida

When it comes to our wine, we don’t mess around. Over the past several years, we have created and perfected ten different types of fruit wines, including our famous blueberry wine (sweet, semi-sweet, and dry) and seven fruit fusion wines, such as strawberry Riesling, tangerine tango, and key lime wine.

Our fruit wines use fresh Florida fruits, either grown right here at our Florida winery or on a neighboring farm. Our blueberries are grown on our own land, and are 100% all natural. That means no pesticides or other toxins have been sprayed on our beautiful blueberries. All of the fresh, natural sweetness of our Florida berries makes it in to your glass of blueberry wine.

  1. Our atmosphere is perfect for a Florida winery

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as driving down an old back road and letting the simple nature restore your soul. Keel and Curley is located just outside of Plant City, FL, on acres of blueberry fields. Sit on our expansive wood deck and gaze out at all of Florida’s beauty while you sip on your crisp, clean wine.

Taylor Eason, a winery expert, came out to our place a few years ago. She wasn’t expecting what she saw. Here’s a little excerpt of her review:

For those who want even more of an authentic winery experience, Keel and Curley Winery hosts concerts and tours of the 25 acres of pesticide-free blueberry bushes, perched on a Disney-esque, tractor-pulled trolley. Sound cheesy? Hell yea, but there’s nothing wrong with that. A little down-home kitsch pairs well with this local wine… I tasted through the entire 10 bottle offering at Keel and Curley, with mixed reviews. First of all, you gotta [sic] enjoy sweetness in your wine, as even the “dry” blueberry contains enough sugar to give you a hefty high. They generally run about 12 percent alcohol and are quite perfect for a hot summer day, over ice even (you might as well embrace it, right?).

  1. We do more than just wine tastings.

Our beautiful winery in Florida is home to more than just a night out or a romantic date. Our remarkable outdoor deck hosts birthday parties, life celebrations, and weddings. We believe that the best way to enjoy a glass of wine is in the company of friends. Let our winery be the place that you choose for your next big celebration. We will make sure that you have everything you need for a memorable time.

If you are interested in touring our winery, you can schedule an appointment or come into our tasting room during our open hours. Call us for more information about scheduling appointments and planning celebrations.



Keel and Curley Winery

5210 W. Thonotosassa Road

Plant City, FL 33565


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