Three Reasons Why Fruit Wine is Better in Florida –

Fruit wines offer many benefits, including several health benefits that we’ve discussed in previous blogs (link blogs here). Perhaps one of the best things about fruit wines is that they just taste better in our Florida climate. Imagine relaxing on our deck, watching the beautiful Florida sunset, and sipping on a glass of blueberry wine or crisp key lime wine. Sounds perfect, right? Heavy red wines might be nice for colder climates, but nothing matches our Florida weather like a glass of refreshing, crisp wine made with fresh fruit right from our crops.


At Keel and Curley Winery, we love to experiment with various fruit wine flavors. That’s how we created our award winning blueberry wine, strawberry wine, and wild berry wine, as well as many of our other fruit wines. We know that Florida is hot, but we also know that there is nothing better than soaking up the rays with a glass of fruit wine in your hand.

Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons why fruit wine is just better in Florida:

  1. It’s just plain hot here

You don’t sit on the back porch and eat a heavy, hot soup in the middle of the Florida summer, so why would you drink a heavy red wine in this heat? We create our fruit wines to be light, crisp, and refreshing. Even our line of blueberry wines boasts light flavors, from sweet to semi-dry. According to the Arizona Central, hot weather demands light, fruit wines:

A summer wine should be refreshing, not hot and heavy. A refreshing wine will reflect acidity, the tartness that comes primarily from tartaric acid.

The acidity is perfect in our tangerine tango wine and key lime wine, as well as our award winning strawberry wine and blueberry wine. Just try it and taste the perfect blend of Florida fruit and sunshine in your glass.

  1. We have the best crops for fruit wines

If you want a mixing bowl of fresh fruit, where else would you go but right here in Florida? Our blueberry wine is made with our fresh blueberry crops right here on our property. You can pick the blueberries every year at our blueberry festival and taste the fresh, crisp taste in our award winning blueberry wine.

Want some strawberry wine? Plant city, FL is the strawberry capital of the world, and just so happens to be located right next to our winery. Chances are, we know the farmer that is growing the strawberries for our award winning Strawberry Riesling. When we say that the fruit for our fruit wines is fresh, we mean it. We can literally drive down the road and see our berries growing.

Citrus wines are perfect here in Florida because we are also the citrus capital of the country. Key Lime wine? No problem. The key limes are grown right here in Key West, FL. Tangerine wine? We can pick those by hand right down the road. We love to add a little splash of citrus into our fruit wines to give each glass a crisp, clean finish – perfect for the Florida summer.

  1. The colors of our fruit wines match the colors of our Florida sunsets

Maybe that sounds a little corny, but it’s true. The color of our fruit wines really does match the color of our sunsets, adding a nice ambiance to your evening of relaxation. The color of our wild berry wine matches the color of the sinking summer sun, while our peach and strawberry wines fade into streaks of light tan and pink around the horizon. Our blueberry wine takes on a raspberry hue, adding a bold mix into our sunset pallet. Want to know what it feels like to drink in our beautiful surroundings? Try a glass of our fruit wines and feel the relaxation sink into your body.

When it comes to making the perfect wine, we don’t mess around. Each of our fruit wines is designed to capture the fresh, crisp taste of Florida fruit. Come down to our tasting room and try a flight to see which fruit wine you enjoy the most!


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