Three Reasons Why Florida Wineries Produce the Best Wines

When you find something you like, you tend to stick to it. That’s how we are at Keel and Curley Winery. We found that we love Florida fruit, from the berries to the citrus; we can’t get enough of our fresh Florida flavors. That’s why we highlight a fruit (or several fruits) in each of our wines – made right here in our Florida winery.

There’s just something about wineries in Florida that produce the most luscious and delicious flavors in wines. In case you’re a skeptic to the great Florida wines, we’ve made a list for you of the top three reasons why Florida wineries make the best tasting wines. Check it out:

  1. We know where the fruit comes from

There’s only one way to get the most flavor in your wine – use fresh fruit and ingredients. At Keel and Curley winery, we couldn’t get our ingredients any fresher if we tried. Our award-winning blueberry wine is made from our very own crop of blueberries – a crop you can see for yourself from the porch of our beautiful Florida winery. We even open up our blueberry crops for a blueberry picking festival every year, so you know our fruit tastes delicious. We don’t need to hide our fruit flavor with other ingredients. We know where our blueberries are grown and we let the fresh flavor shine through every bottle of wine.

  1. We have the biggest variety of fruit flavors

Florida is home to one of the widest varieties of fruits, and wineries in Florida have direct access to all of those fresh crops and ingredients. Because of the wide variety of fruits, we can create a refreshing wine for every occasion. Our bottles of strawberry wine and wildberry wine have won numerous awards, as well as our key lime wine and tangerine tango wine. Having direct access to fresh fruits gives Florida wineries a creative edge in producing wines for you to enjoy.

  1. Everything is more relaxing in Florida

If you’re going to go to a winery, go to one in Florida. Our weather is beautiful year round, which means that no matter when you visit, you can sit on our luxurious deck, gaze out at the green fields, and try a flight of Florida fruit wines. Florida wineries don’t just offer the best wine; we offer the best ambiance to accompany your wine. Our Florida winery is even host to several celebratory events, from birthdays to weddings. You just can’t beat the Florida atmosphere.

We’d love to have you come visit our Florida winery. Check out our tasting room – no reservations necessary!


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